Year One

LocalTrust_BigLocal2_RGB_BLUE.jpgCommunity Plan

March 2016





About Big Local Broad Green                       1

Where is Big Local Broad Green?                2

What We’ve Done So Far                              3

Our Vision & Values                                      4

Our Themes                                                   5

Our Plan – Year 1                                           6

Our Budget – Year 1                                      11

Partnership                                                    12

Consultation Results                                     13

1.  About Big Local Broad Gree

 Big Local is an exciting opportunity for residents to make a massive and lasting positive difference to their communities.  It’s funded by the Big Lottery and managed by Local Trust, an independent organisation, and supported by a range of partners.

Big Local brings together all the local talent, ambitions, skills and energy from individuals and organisations who want to make their area a better place to live.

It’s an unprecedented investment in local communities.  The Big Lottery Fund is investing £200 million in 150 urban and rural communities that have been overlooked for funding in the past and face significant deprivation and issues.

Each Big Local area receives £1m over 10 years, which residents themselves will be in charge of spending on ways to improve their community.

 Big Local aims to achieve the following outcomes:

 Communities will be better able to identify local needs and take action in response to them

 People will have increased skills and confidence so that they can continue to identify and respond to local needs in the future

 The community will make a difference to the needs it prioritises

People will feel that their area is an even better place to live

What Big Local is not about is also pretty key to what makes it different:

Ø  It’s not about the local authority, the government or a national organisation telling us what to do.

Ø  It's not about individual groups fixing their favourite problem without talking to a wide range of different people who live and work in the community.

Ø  It's not about short-term thinking – we have 10 years or more to plan and deliver the best options for our area.


2.  Where is Big Local Broad Green?

The London Road area of Broad Green is in the South London Borough of Croydon.  After consultation with residents, our partnership extended Big Local’s original area designation to cover some key streets, with Local Trust’s approval.

 The area was chosen by Local Trust as one of 150 across the country which experience high levels of deprivation.

 The map shows the key area of benefit for our work and where resident partners live. But the boundaries aren't a ‘moat’ and we’ll be working with partners and for residents in the surrounding areas as well.


We’ve put together a separate document about the area—the Community Profile

3.  What We’ve Done So Far

Over the past few months we’ve laid strong foundations to create this plan and take it forwards.  We have:


·        Established a robust partnership:

o   Held monthly partnership meetings involving 79 residents, organisations and stakeholders

o   Elected an Interim Chair and two Vice-Chairs

o   Adopted Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies & procedures

o   Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Local Trust which has endorsed the Partnership

·        Widely consulted local residents, organisations and stakeholders

·        Established a strong online presence:




·        Held an open tendering process and appointed Croydon Voluntary Action as our Locally Trusted Organisation for Year 1.  CVA will act as the ‘bank’ for our funding from Local Trust as well as employ workers on the partnership’s behalf.

·        Appointed a Plan Writer, Jackie Sear, who has developed our Community Profile and helped us develop this Plan

·        On our behalf, CVA has secured a community space for Big Local Broad Green from Guinness Housing Trust.  This space will be rent free for the first year.

·        Consulted, discussed and developed the Vision, Themes and Plan herein.


4.  Our Vision

Through consultation, discussion and feedback from local people, we’ve come up with our Vision for the area—our overall aims and where we want to be in ten years.


Over the next ten years, Broad Green will be transformed into a thriving, welcoming, connected community where people work together, have places to go and things to do, supports each other and those in need.


5.  Our Values

At every step of our journey over the next ten years, we will keep core values at the heart of what we do:

Ø  Inclusion & Openness

Ø  Involving all parts of the community—different ages, ethnic backgrounds, faiths, interests and walks of life

Ø  Transparency & Accountability

Ø  Empowering People to Take Action

Ø  Be Community/Resident Led

6.  Our Themes

To achieve our vision, we’ve identified key themes.  All our work will fall under one of these themes.  We’ll continue consulting with local residents and review these themes regularly.





§  Creating a sense of family & belonging

§  Connecting people who are isolated

§  Intergenerational activities & skills exchange

§  Increasing inclusion, mending divisions and greater understanding

§  Welcoming new residents, including refugees/migrants and those moving into new developments


§  Ensuring support where there are holes in the safety net—homeless, older people, young people

§  Access to information & support, including for those with low/no English


§  Multi-use spaces—for residents, community activity, community groups, small businesses

§  Creating points of contact and information

§  Opportunities in new buildings/developments

§  Supporting community activity


§  Financial inclusion/literacy

§  Supporting local businesses, social enterprises & pop-up shops

§  Training & employment


§  Making the area greener

§  Creating a cleaner environment


§  Improving health & health awareness


§  Being a community voice to ensure commitments are met

§  Building community skills through the partnership

§  Maximising assets & opportunities

§  Making an impact

§  Leave a sustainable legacy


7.   Our Plan – Year 1

 In the first year of our Big Local Plan, we want to:

·        Recruit two staff members to drive the Plan forward and build a bank of volunteers

·        Formalise and continue to build a strong, representative, resident-led Partnership

·        Establish a Community Hub on London Road as our centre for information and activity

·        Begin investing in some of the great community ideas that enact our Themes.


Staff & Volunteers

We need some dedicated paid staff to accomplish our aims and develop our plans.  The level of staffing will be reviewed annually to ensure we have enough support, but also to maximise our Big Local budget towards community activity.


Coordinator (3 days/week)

o   Community Link Worker

o   Draw in external resources & funding

o   Support development of the Partnership (e.g. capacity building)

o   Develop external partners/initiatives


Hub Administrator/Partnership Support (3 days/week)

o   Support the Partnership (e.g. meetings, minutes, administration)

o   Manage and administrate the Community Hub (e.g. bookings, information points)

o   Recruit, support and manage volunteers



o   Support work in the Community Hub

o   Act as keyholders to open & close the hub

o   Undertake community activity & connect to the community



We want to utilise some of our budget to develop the Partnership itself:

o   Hold 6x community events/meetings – including having stalls at community events, showcases/celebrations of our work, open public Theme Group meetings and possibly participatory budgeting events

o   Communications, publicity & promotion – to ensure we get the word out to the whole community

o   Partnership/resident training pot – to increase skills and capacity

o   Subsidised places on CVA fundraising courses for local groups – to maximise investment and local skills


Community Hub

In partnership with Croydon Voluntary Action (who will act as formal leaseholder as Big Local Broad Green isn’t a legally constituted body), we have been offered a brand new, purpose-built community space (88m2) at Guinness Housing Trust’s new building at 303 London Road.


 The space comes finished but unfurnished, and is rent free for the first year.  From the second year the rent will be £12-15k (TBD). An aim in Year 1 will be to develop a long-term sustainability plan.


We want this to be a high street, visible point for Big Local Broad Green to:

o   Host BLBG workers, partnership meetings & volunteers

o   Host BLBG projects/initiatives where appropriate

o   Continue community conversations

o   Involve local residents

o   Information point on how to get involved with Big Local, local initiatives and services

o   Meeting space

o   Community use (including hire to subsidise the hub’s costs)


Community Investment

A huge amount of energy, enthusiasm and ideas have come out of our initial work.  There is also a great deal of existing activity we want to tap into and a strong local/grassroots voluntary sector.


Therefore we want to proceed carefully to maximise Big Local’s investment, ensure best value and reduce possible duplication, as well as draw down where possible in-kind support, match funding or external funding.  At the same time we want to be transparent, open and inclusive to make sure we support local people’s great ideas.


In our first year we want to develop and try out the best methods to make community investments within the Themes identified, as well as tap into a range of existing and emerging local initiatives.


We’ll use the following pathway initially to make community investments.



The next page shows some of the ideas that have emerged to date we want to consider via this pathway and the Theme Groups we will establish.



Progress & Impact

We see the creation of this plan as the culmination of the past year’s consultations and meetings, but we want to continue the conversation over the life of Big Local’s ten years.  We will monitor progress and measure success by:


Ø  Continually gathering formal feedback via surveys

Ø  Continually gathering informal feedback from the community, including regular events, presenting plans and celebrating achievements

Ø  Setting an Action Plan and workplans for staff and monitoring progress

Ø  Reviewing the Plan annually

Ø  Working with any partners/groups we invest in to ensure robust monitoring & evaluation procedures are implemented and followed

Ø  Monitoring expenditure and budget vs. actual spend

Ø  Ensuring all BLBG’s money is spent according to the approved budget, and maintaining best financial practice and transparent procedures


Our Theme

Community Activity (emerging from community consultations)

Local Initiative (local projects we want to link into, work with & contribute to)

United Community

Intergenerational stories

Local radio station

Croydon Carnival & community carnivals/events

Vulnerable People

Digital connections

Supporting people who are homeless, at risk of FGM, survivors of domestic abuse

Supporting isolated older people

Accessible advice services

English classes & support for young Afghans

Linking statutory/voluntary provision – better info, better accessibility

Places To Go & Things To Do

Pop up sports / walk & talk

Sports activity for Afghani young men

More activity for young people

Recreational & affordable community spaces

Ficos World sport & mentoring

Canterbury Road Community Centre

Harris Invictus Academy – sports space & community meeting space

West Thornton School annex / Canterbury Road – refurbishing ball courts & developing community use

Stronger Economy

Café-based employment advice for young Kurds

Peer to peer financial literacy workshop

Credit union

Wandle Housing skills training & employment

Greener & Cleaner

Develop ‘grey spaces’ into green/play spaces Brightening the environment led by young people

West Croydon Station Energy Garden

Canterbury Road Rec - community edible garden

Health & Wellbeing

Health promotion in barber shops

Healthy eating & cooking with local schools

Food growing targeted at Tamil community

School travel plan

Healthwatch – training resident volunteers to undertake community health research, and using results to influence health services


Community Hub as a long-term, sustainable asset

Documenting & celebrating the history & heritage of the area


Action Plan

Months 1-3

         establish voting/non-voting membership criteria for Partnership

         elect Chair, Vice-Chair(s), steering group & organise Theme Groups/leads

         establish Terms of Reference

         negotiate Memorandum of Understanding with CVA as Locally Trusted Organisation

         set up & establish additional policies/procedures

         recruit & induct paid workers

         develop project mandates & community investment procedures

         get community hub equipped & opened

         Event – hub launch

Months 4-6

         identify leveraged support/funding

         theme group meetings / continued consultation – bringing the conversation to the community, drawing out community ideas/enthusiasm and offering support

         begin development/delivery project mandates/community investment

         develop community hub activity

         recruit volunteers

         develop community hub & Y2 funding/sustainability/actual costings

         Events – stalls at community carnivals; possible participatory budgeting event

Months 7-9

         review LTO

         review progress – internally & publicly

         Plan Review & Y2 Plan development

         Y2 budget development inc. hub sustainability plan

         Event – plan review & Y2 plan ideas/proposals

Months 9-12

         Consultation on draft Y2 Plan

         Submit Y2 Plan to Local Trust

         Event – AGM and end of year showcase/celebration


8.  Our Budget – Year 1

We have drawn up a budget estimate for Year 1 using a mix of confirmed figures:

o   workers’ salaries suggested by CVA as appropriate/competitive, inclusive of NI, pension & Outer London Weighting

o   CVA quoted caretaker costs

o   CVA fundraising course costs

…and estimated figures (e.g. estimates for communications, meetings/events).  The community hub costs in particular are estimates as we can’t ascertain actual running costs (like utilities) until we’ve occupied it for 3-6 months.  The budget will be reviewed quarterly and re-profiled based on actual spend, as well as informing our Year 2 budget.


Staff & Volunteers



Coordinator/Community Link Worker/External Resources & Funding 

3 days/week @ £27,500 p.a. pro rata


Hub Administrator/Partnership Support

3 days/week @ £24,217 p.a. pro rata


Hub Caretaker

£700/month @ 15 hours/week


Volunteer & hub keyholder expenses









Community events/meetings

6 x £300


Communications, publicity & promotion



Partnership/resident training pot



Subsidised places on CVA fundraising courses for local groups

10 x £35/1/2 day





Community Hub



Furniture & equipment inc. IT



Office supplies









Repairs & contingency






Theme Investment - Local Projects & Initiatives





9.  Initial Partnership

We’ve brought together a large number of enthusiastic people at partnership meetings over the past year, representing a wide range of ages, ethnic backgrounds, interests, skills and ideas.  We have strong representation of residents, local voluntary organisations, housing associations, schools, statutory services, faith groups, business owners, and other local stakeholders.



1.    Lai Abdullah (Interim Chair)

2.    Malcolm Bell (Interim Vice-Chair)

3.    Saera Haque (Interim Vice-Chair)


4.    Aisha Bryant-Adbullah

5.    Bushra Ahmed

6.    Jennine Bailey

7.    Vasantha Baliah

8.    BJ Barnes

9.    Mahbub Sadiq Bhatti

10. Mellika Dacosta

11. Vaneesa Dougan

12. Karen Eaton-Yoric

13. Ratha E

14. Elsie Henderson

15. Kirsty Hudson

16. Sandhia Jeetoo

17. S Jeyasuntaram

18. Sami Kader

19. Alex Kenlock

20. Kethurani

21. Ellie Kirubanathan

22. Clarie Lewis

23. Clive Locke

24. Derrick Mullings

25. Javell Nelson

26. Adeyinka Obadara

27. Lee Parker

28. Kurtis Pykes

29. Owen Pykes

30. Brabauathi Ramamurthy

31. Yoga Rani

32. Sowmya

33. Jithu Subhash

34. Alice Tagoe

35. Patrick Taylor

36. Manimala Thirumaney

37. Cecil Trotman

38. Gavin Walker

39. Nadeen Whalley


Non-Resident Stakeholders

1.    Magdalane Adenaike

2.    Fashade Agboola

3.    Julie Agbowu, All Inclusive

4.    Risq Animasaun, Croydon BME Forum

5.    Sangara Baliah

6.    Vasanta Baliah

7.    Richard Bowen

8.    Esther Brooks, Chestnut Park School

9.    Kocoa Brown

10. Serena Campbell, Association Homes

11. Albertha Collins

12. Yahroma Divine, Top Care Network

13. Alberta Doherty

14. Richard Doherty

15. Ebo Dougan

16. Shadia Dougan, Ficos World

17. Rose Fernandes

18. Yvonne Gaskin

19. Sean Harris, Metropolitan Police

20. Elsie Henderson

21. Husna Hoque

22. Dorette Isaac

23. P Jackman

24. Nevill Johnson

25. Fatima Karoma

26. Gordon Kay, Healthwatch

27. Alex Kenlock, Ficos World

28. Seetha Lakshmy

29. Sandra Luke, Empower 2 Succeed

30. Lauraine Nicholson

31. Vanessa Nicholson

32. Judie Obeya, Affinity Sutton

33. Gerrie Ozah, West Croydon Methodist Church Community Centre/Croydon Neighbourhood Care Association

34. Gemma Papsworth, Harris Invictus

35. Malti Patel

36. Aslam Shahin

37. Santhosh Santhoz

38. Robert Sugden

39. Esther Thomas

40. Femi Yusoof





11. Consultations To Date


We’ve undertaken a wide variety of face-to-face, written and electronic consultations over the past year, endeavouring to reach all aspects of the community—age, income, ethnic background, geographic part of the area, etc.




Partnership Meetings


We’ve held open, public monthly partnership meetings since June 2015, during which we’ve collated community views and put this plan in motion.




Formal Surveys


We started with a flyer asking for people’s views and what their big and little ideas for the area were.  Since developing the themes and vision, we’re continuing to consult people to get their support, ideas and priorities by asking them to comment and prioritise the themes in a quantitative survey.  This is being distributed on paper and also electronically at  We’ll continue to keep it live and collating results across the first year, as we’ve only just begun to collect responses.




Asset Map


Part of the consultation involved creating an asset map for the area, which will underpin connecting resources and signposting people to existing initiatives.  We’ll be keeping this live and updating this throughout the life of the plan: or go to and click on “To find out more about activities taking place in the area of Broad Green click here.”




Asset Based Community Development


Big Local Broad Green consultations have used an ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) approach to identify community assets and seek local views.  A Community Builder based at Croydon Voluntary Action has delivered an ABCD programme to raise awareness of Big Local and actively engage as many as possible in visioning exercises that translate into activity and prioritising local issues.


Croydon Voluntary Action developed 21 Community Connectors—local resident volunteers--to identify local assets and collect community views via visits, walkabouts and stalls at events, undertaking 20+ walkabouts, 30+ 1:1 visits/meetings and over 200 1:1 conversations. This activity raised awareness and achieved active engagement in the mission – to identify local aspirations, building on the assets and strengths already residing in the area.


Face-to-face contact with local residents was the core activity ensuring that the act of involving local people in making decisions and setting up activities is ongoing and integral to the process.  This involved people from all backgrounds utilising the skills, experience and credibility of people from diverse backgrounds who can in turn connect with the range of residents living and working in Broad Green. 




We reached diverse sections of the population at their own social events, cultural celebrations etc by piggy-backing on what is already going on in Croydon where we know people from Broad Green would participate. This is where the on-the-ground intelligence and experience of local people came into play.  Consultations included:




Barbers Health hub


Discussions with four barbers in the area who are focus points for discussion and sharing of information particularly in relation to men’s health. Discussions taking place as to the kind of information barbers would like to have regarding particular health issues and the best way to disseminate this to customers.


Conversations involved 18 people




Healthy Eating, Healthy Lives


Members of the Tamil community have recognised that many in the community have little opportunity to grow and cook their own food. To kickstart the process of sharing skills, ideas and knowledge they held a community day in December at the Canterbury Road Community Centre bringing together the community – particularly families and inviting all to create bespoke advice and support to each other.




This will be developed by working closely with another ABCD initiative based in the Gonville allotments where a number of parents whose children who attend Gonville and West Thornton schools will be able to grow foods and share within their family and the school community. These skills will be supported by a Master Gardener who is also a parent at the school. The allotment society has donated a plot to the project.  This work will feed into the Big Local community plan with the aim that a community edible garden be developed in the Canterbury Road Recreation ground.


Conversations involved 42 people




Lingua House


A number of members of the Afghan community have identified a need to develop English language classes from younger members of the community to help develop their language skills. This will lead them to identifying future support need they need particularly in relation to employment with Lingua House identifying and bringing in bespoke support as required. The programme which will be based at the CVA Resource Centre will also develop ways in which the participants can offer their gifts to each other in terms of knowledge, skills, experience and contacts.


Conversations involved 18 people




Walk and Talk Health initiative


Local people working with BME Forum looking to build on the successful Walk and Talk health programme in the area. The initiative will build on the skills of residents to develop programme in the way that makes sense to the health information needs of the community. The programme will be targeted at three GP surgeries in the north of the borough, a total of 10 volunteers will be recruited to train as walk leaders.


Conversations involved 15 people




Pop up sports


Connectors wishing to develop sports activities with young people involving the skills of parents and other young people using equipment to hold impromptu coaching sessions in football, basketball, cricket, boxing and martial arts in Canterbury Road Rec. The aim is to develop localised bespoke sessions that are accessible to all and can feed people into long term programmes not only in active sports but in the business of sport itself. Have linked with Gamechanger and are looking in the long term to negotiate use with the West Thornton school ball courts.


Conversations involved 45 people




Care and advice for people who are homeless


People attending the luncheon club for ‘homeless’ people at the West Croydon Methodist church on Wednesdays are looking to gain information, advice and guidance so that they can offer support to each other and users of other services in the area. The information would be based at the locations where people feel most comfortable and safe and will be given by people they know and trust. There is a network of support for people who are homeless around the Broad Green area predominantly in places of worship and the initiative would tie into this and link with the digital connection project being developed offering training and access to IT for people who currently not using it but have to can only access services by using it.


Conversations involved 22 people




Ficos World


Group of young people who have come together to create ways in which they can support each other’s enterprise and endeavours. Initiative creates opportunities through events to promote a range of activity in the area including fashion design, art, music, dance, employment guidance and sports. The idea is that through gift sharing and mutual support young people create their own opportunities to grow their potential both in terms of business, education and leisure.


Conversations involved 32 people




Health & Well Being Support for women experiencing FGM


Led by local women a seminar is to be held to discuss initiatives that they wish to build based on their own skills, knowledge and experience that would help women and girls facing or experiencing FGM. The area has a number of women who have experienced FGM and it is from this experience that the community led activity will be developed and feed into an emerging women’s health aspect of the Big Local.


Conversations involved 27 people




Kurdish community event


To bring local stakeholders together to hear how the local Kurdish community is responding to local concerns/passions by drawing on the skill sets within. The event will bring the community together with key stakeholders to discuss how they can support the community initiatives.


Conversations involved 10 people




London Road Businesses


Working with All Inclusive, we did a walkabout consultation with 20 businesses on London Road in the Broad Green catchment area, asking them:


o   What is important to them to strengthen the area? 


o   What could you offer/put toward achieving this (gifts)?    


o   How would you like to be involved in going forward?


o   Could you host an All Inclusive Internship or Apprenticeship?


Responses included:


o   Support from other businesses/sectors is needed


o   Some interest in attending community meetings


o   Better security, lighting, policing, parking


o   Cleaner streets


o   Some businesses moving out of area due to lack of business or perception of alcoholics/drug addicts in area


o   Developments only seem to be happening at top end of West Croydon


o   Sense the Council isn’t listening




Community contributions included:


o   The barber shop is a community spot, especially for local men in the area. This shop could be used to engage young men in health campaigns i.e.  Prostate Cancer awareness


o   Wilson Estates has a hall called Help House which could be used by community groups


o   Spicy Chicken provides Tamil mothertongue classes


o   Enterprise provides grants to local groups


o   Shivas Pharmacy provides a free delivery service to older people


o   Party Crafts provides wedding advice to the Asian commuinity


Conversations involved 20 businesses




Croydon Council/Healthwatch/local Police


We met with Healthwatch Croydon, Croydon Councillor Watson and Sean Harris of Croydon Police in January.  There was strong support for Big Local and a commitment to work together and raise its profile at higher/statutory levels.




Additional Targeted Outreach Events


         Canterbury Day Nursery – engaged 35 parents – Sri Lankan/Bangaldesh/White British/Somalian/Nigeria/African Caribbean/Polish/Lithuanian/Pakistan – key findings included more for young people to do, cleaner area, parents meeting spaces.


         West Croydon Methodist church lunch project – engaged 15 people aged between 26-65 – more community based provision for people who are homeless including housing and employment advice


         Broad Green library (ongoing) – 30+ people consulted


         Kingsley Primary school (ongoing) – 30+ people consulted


         Handcroft estate walkabout (ongoing) – 25+ people consulted


         Canterbury Road Recreation ground walkabout (ongoing) – 40+ consulted


         Elmwood Schools Fun Day – 35 people, aged 8-65


         West Croydon Carnival – talked and shared information with 40 people


         Focus groups:


o   BME Forum residents (12)


o   Ficos World (15 aged 12-19)


o   Praise House elders project (12 aged 65-81)


o   Lingua House (8 Aghani young men)


o   Harris Invictus council (11 young people 11-13 years old


o   New Life Church (22 young people aged 12-18)


         Presented to public meetings - CVA and Westbury Community Project AGM




Organisations met with to discuss Big Local


o   Acorn 2 Oaks


o   All Inclusive


o   Asian Resource Centre


o   AYDA


o   Bridge LGBT youth project


o   Broad Green Residents Association


o   Centre of God Seventh Day Adventist church


o   Croydon Neighbourhood Community Association


o   Croydon BME Forum


o   Croydon Voluntary Action


o   Empowered 2 Succeed


o   Ficos World


o   Healing Waters Carers group


o   I.C.E


o   Imagine Mental Health


o   Joseph Media


o   Kingsley Primary school


o   Lingua House


o   New Life Christian Centre


o   New Life Youth Club


o   Northchcote Residents group


o   Praise House


o   Seventh Day of God church


o   Top Care Network


o   West Croydon Methodist church


o   Westbury Community Elders Project


o   Westbury Community Project


o   Young Roots refugee project




Partners Identified & Consulted


·         Affinity Sutton Housing


·         Cherry Orchard school


·         Elmwood Junior and Infant schools


·         Guinness Housing


·         Harris Invictus Academy


·         Healthwatch Croydon


·         London Borough of Croydon


·         Neighbourhood Police Team


·         Wandle Housing







Big Local is a national programme under which 150 areas each receive £1m over 10 years to develop and deliver a resident led programme of activity. 

The core functions of a Locally Trusted Organisation (LTO) is to enter into a grant agreement with the Local Trust) to receive and manage the grant of £1 million as it comes through in phases in accordance with the agreed Big Local Plan. 

Applications are welcome from organisations from all sectors. Key aspects of the role are to manage the finances of the programme on behalf of the National Lottery and provide a range of support and assistance to the resident led Partnership Board.  For more information click on the link below.


Click here to find out more information about the invitation to tender.

Deadline for submissions:
 18 December 2015, 12 noon.

How to Apply:
 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Big Local Broad Green wishes to appoint a Plan Writer to create its formal Big Local Plan, to initiate delivery of its work over the next ten years. Applications are welcome from individuals and organisations from all sectors.  


£2,000 all inclusive (VAT, travel costs, expenses). Negotiable contingent on candidate proposal. Payment will be made in stages as follows:
• £500 upon appointment
• £750 upon completion of first draft
• £750 upon submission of final draft

Click here to download the more information about Plan Writer Role.


How to Apply

Click on the link below.

Plan Writer

Deadline:  14 December 2015, 12 noon.


Minutes of Meetings

Broad Green Big Local – 21 January 2016

Minutes from meeting


Chair & Vice Chairs – Lai Abdullah, Saera Haque, Malcolm Bell

Matt Freidson (MF), Big Local Rep

Paul Macey (PM), CVA

Gavin Walker, Sean Harris, Rob Sugden, Lauraine Nicholson, Sangara Baliah, Bushra Ahmed, Aisha Bryant-Abdullah, Judie Oblya, Fatima Karouna, Lee Parker


1.   Updates: Map Boundaries & Partnership

MF provided the following updates:

The expanded map boundaries have been approved by Local Trust.

The partnership has been formally recognised and endorsed by Local Trust.

2.   Plan Writer

MF explained that the partnership must submit a draft plan & profile to Local Trust by 30 March.  A tender of £2,000 (available in addition to the £1m) was issued to get external support.

Three tenders were received for the Plan Writer contract—one candidate had no experience with Big Local/similar plans.  The second candidate is a Big Local rep/consultant but dropped out due to other commitments.

The third candidate, Jackie Sear, was present.

JS introduced herself and did a short presentation.  She is Chair of Hanwell Big Local in West London and wrote the Plan/Profile.  She has many years’ community development experience.

JS answered questions from the partnership.  She is keen to work with BGBL.

JS left and the partnership agreed to award her the tender.

Action: CVA to issue contract.  MF & partners to work with JS on plan/profile.


3.   Locally Trusted Organisation (LTO)

MF explained that a tender was issued for organisations to put themselves forward to take on the role.  CVA was the only organisation to apply.  The partners discussed that this was probably due to the nature of the role and lack of capacity in the area for other organisations.

The partnership agreed to:

·         Award CVA the LTO contract for the first year of plan delivery

·         Review it annually

4.   Consultation Event – Jan 30th

PM updated the partnership on this upcoming event as a chance to consult young people and invited any interested partners to attend.

5.   CVA Update – area developments & consultations

PM updated the partnership on recent developments in the area and consultations that have been undertaken to contribute to the Plan.

6.   Gaps In Consultations

The partnership discussed the importance that plan consultations reach all aspects of the community, and what challenges and approaches might be used.

It was pointed out that CVA needs to provide a robust accounting of what consultations have been done to date in order to identify the gaps.

Action: PM to provide a summary of consultations to date at next meeting.

7.   Voting & Non-Voting Advisory Members

Tabled until the next meeting—there were a lot of questions for JS and her experience with Hanwell Big Local.

8.   Next Steps & Date of Next Meeting

11 February 2016, 6pm at CVA



Broad Green Big Local – 12 November 2015

Minutes from meeting


Saera Haque, Meenaloglni Sornarayah, Ellini Kirubananthan, Sanara Baliah, Abdullhi Abdalla, A Shahin, Gavia Walker, Risq Animasaun, Fatima Karoma, Malcolm Bell, Adejinka Obadara, Fashade Agboola, Nakia Andrews, Eizo Dougan, Nana Akon, Nathan Oki, Helena Oki



 The group was welcomed by Matt.

1.    Map Boundaries

Malcolm Bell (MB) presented a possible option for changing the map boundaries. Group discussion came up with the following options:

1)      Adding streets at the North/North-east corner – up to Mayday Road & across to Lodge Road

2)      Adding Stanley Road to Option 1

3)      Adding the roundabout of Hogarth Crescent

4)      Adding a triangle below that bordered by Wellesley Road including St Mary’s Catholoc School

5)      Adding additional streets to the south e.g. Ramsey Road

Decision: Vote was taken to adopt Option 1 as this:

·         Was commonly/locally understood to be part of Broad Green

·         Would add interested residents and assets which would complement/add to the Big Local project

Action: MF & MB to put the proposal to Local Trust.

2.    Plan Writer tender

BGBL has an additional £2,000 available for professional help in writing the final Plan.  This could be a local person or external to the area.

The partnership reviewed the tender document which will be sent out. Aim to appoint by early January.

Partners also registered interest in being part of assessment/interview process.

3. Locally Trusted Organisation (LTO) tender

Discussed the role and power of LTO. Will be issuing contracts for one year not full ten years. LTO will report and be directed by the resident-led partnership.

Because the Partnership isn’t a legal body with a bank account, it must appoint a Locally Trusted Organisation (LTO) to:

·         Acts as a ‘banker’ to draw down funds from the £1m

·         Fufil contracts/make payments to delivery partners, providers, etc.

·         Employ staff involved in delivering the Plan

·         Ensure that decisions and procedures meet the requirements of Local Trust to ensure transparency, accountability and best practice

·         Work with the partnership to review progress and evaluate impact

·         Provide financial reports to the partnership & Local Trust

·         Receives a fee of 5% of funds drawn down (additional to £1m)

They become a non-voting member of the Partnership. They do NOT direct the work or direction—they work for and with the Partnership.

Partners also registered interest in being part of assessment/interview process.

Action: LTO role will go out to tender, plan to get LTO in place by February.

3.    Vision & Themes

Discussed vision statement for Broad Green Big Local. 

Decision: Groups agreed with the statement with a small amendment.  This will now be going to the community for consultation:

“Over the next ten years, Broad Green will be transformed into a thriving, welcoming, connected community where people work together, have places to go and things to do, and supports those in need.

4.    Theme Groups

Discussion around further developing/adjusting the themes to be clear, comprehensive and action-oriented.

Decision: Change the current themes slightly to:







7.      LEAVING A LEGACY – to be incorporated into ‘united community’

Forms were handing out for people to register interest in focusing on any particular themes.

Action: Matt to make Amendments to the themes as agreed in the discussion.

5.    Partnership: Voting/Non-Voting Members

MF explained that the final partnership has to consist of:

·         At least 8 members

·         At least 51% residents living in the area boundary—but can be more

·         Up to 49% can be organisation reps, stakeholders, businesses, Councillors—but can be less

·         Must reflect the range & diversity of the area

The partnership needs to decide who will qualify for voting membership—making decisions on partnership members’ applications, financial decisions, appointment of LTO/staff, policies, procedures, the plan and its reviews/amendments.

The partnership can have non-voting/advisory members as well.  At previous meetings had discussed whether to have, and in what capacity (voting/advisory/not at all):

·         Local business owners

·         People that work in the area

·         Voluntary/resident group representatives

·         Faith group representatives

·         Council representatives

·         Councillors

Discussions were held around how to define some of these categories, potential conflicts of interest and what they would contribute.


·         Further discussion and final voting would be needed to define the makeup of the final partnership (taking effect when the Plan is approved)

·         Membership in the final partnership will be by application and on a case-by-case basis

·         The conflict of interest policy, procedure and register previously adopted will be followed

6.    Next Steps, AOB & Date of Next Meeting

Some discussion around what time the meeting should start.

Decision the meetings should remain with start at 6pm.

Paul Macey to update the group about 13th January celebration & consultation event


 Action; Date of next meeting to be early January 2016.


Broad Green Big local

Minutes of meeting, 15 October 2015, CVA resource Centre


Attendees: See attendance list

Apologies: Gerrie Ozah (CNCA), Risq Animasaun (BME Forum), Kirsty Hudson (Resident), Gavin Walker (Symmetrical Futures), Sandra Luke (Empowered 2 Succeed), Joan Idris (Resident)

The meeting was chaired by Matt Freidson, Big Local representative (MF), and facilitated by Paul Macey (PM), CVA.

Big Local rep: Welcomed the group and new members and introduced the agenda.


1.       Local Asset Map

PM: updated the group about Big Local initiatives and two new developments on London Road – community centre on the Harris Academy site and the community hub at the Guinness Trust development . He mentioned that the buildings would be a part of the resource available to the community.

He mentioned various other resources such as West Thornton Heath School extension in Canterbury Road which would lead to refurbishment of the ball courts.

He also spoke about the asset map being work in progress.

Action: members to inform PM and his team if they find out about any community assets they should add to the map

Action PM: to send out link to asset map in due course


2.       Emerging Themes/Visions

The Big Local rep (MF) spoke about the vision of Broad Green and constitutions that have happened.

He asked the group to look at the Emerging theme and vision paper and discuss which were most needed for Broad Green and potential gaps that could be filled. The purpose of the exercise was to arrive to the overall vision for Broad Green.


The group fed back that they felt the following suggestions;

·         Improved Night life activities (Things to do for young people)

·         Incentives for people that live in Broad Green

·         Enterprise streets (e.g. pop up shops)

·         Community hubs for young and old i.e. food hub)

·         Malcom Pointed concern regarding refugees and migrants community into Croydon. They thought a welcoming committee would be a good idea to support integration maybe monitoring programmes.

·         He also mentioned a lack of facilities in Canterbury road. He also talked about leaving a legacy of a skilled group to sustain the project fortune.

·         Javell spoke about a greener healthier space for people to visit and enjoy. He suggested and greener and healthier could be the separate issues.

·         Community member spoke about delivering an online skill programme so new migrants could communicate online with their families. This will reduce isolation.


Big Local rep reinforced that Big Local decisions will be controlled by residents and residents will influence the themes and vision for Broad green.

Member raised concern about disengagement of new and established communities, Big Local will have to ensure community cohesion and integration using support from statutory services. It’s all about connecting the residents to the facilities and assets of broad green.

MF said we need to be open and inclusive. The diversity of people and views have been impressive so far.

Yoga suggested activities such as cooking classes, language classes and life skills.

MF mentioned he is keeping a master list of all the ideas ready for when implementation happens.

Member suggested that themes be introduced in terms of key problems. Also an awareness programme of assets and marketing and branding should be considered.

Aisha suggested we need to build a positive identity for Broad Green which is accessible and intergenerational. This is a 10 year programme so we need some sort of hub or base where everything can be facilitated.

Member raised that there are things we need to do which are concrete such as a hub, but others are social and harder to define.

MF stated we will collect qualitative and quantitative data for evaluation of outcomes and impact—this is the Big Local Area Profile which informs the Big Local Plan.

Malcolm suggested we need to ensure efficiency through bringing existing services into Broad Green rather than reinvent the wheel.

Member suggested it was the lack of investment which had created the problem in the first place. We need to create an environment that facilitates partnership works instead of doing it alone and wasting money through duplicating services.

Member made reference to the importance of asset map in knowing where resources are.

Member ask if the budget was flexible upon need and requirement?

MF confirmed that the money could be used according to when the need arises and it is not a fixed allotment of e.g. 100k per year. However many areas frontload the budget in the first years to kickstart investment and activities.

MF asked is having stronger community as one theme then splitting greener and healthier in to two themes a good idea?

A member said these themes should be used as building blocks.

Final discussion/adoption of the themes to take place at the next meeting.


3.       Partnership Structure

MF spoke about partnership working and wanted consensus from the group about what trust or organisation should hold the money and be responsible for the financials as well as other responsibilities as determined (the Locally Trusted Organisation, or LTO).

He also said that a core croup or steering committee should be elected, around which the partnership of members who do not want extra responsibilities.

MF also stated that he wanted to start moving focus towards the themed groups that the members has agreed on to engage and connect residents and organisations locally. He raised that the connection between the residents and the partners was not happening as well as it should do in other areas.

Member said more people should be encouraged more to come along to the theme they are concerned with i.e. young people

Member suggested the theme would also encourage relevant and expert parties to come along.

Need to make sure there is a lead partnership member from each theme that makes commitment that they will represent respective themes.

Agreed: Partnership structure – document attached

4.       Action Plan/Timeframe

MF handed out a timeline of what needs to happen and by when. He invited questions.

The next steps were to identify the local trust organisation. He said there would be a tendering process (application, interview, selection by committee)

There will be extra money to commission someone to write the actual plan again this would be through a tendering process.

Action: Members to take the timeline away to consider and get back to MF with any questions.


5.       Code of Conduct

MF spoke about the ethos of Big Local and stressed the importance of the code of conduct. He said that members of the partnership will be representing not only Big Local but their area and therefore code of conduct has to be appropriate and in place.

He gave the group the code of conduct paper for consideration and welcomed comments.

Agreed: The Code of Conduct was adopted.


6.       Conflict of interest

The MF stated that the conflict of interest policy was to ensure full transparency and make sure that the partnership didn’t get a reputation of giving favours to friends. He said the register was important to make sure we all know who representing what and what connections they have.

Member asked if there would be a system for a tracking system to ensure the use money is not abused – MF confirmed that the Locally Trusted Organisation would have the responsibility for financial processes to ensure that things are monitoring and not abused.

Agreed: The Conflict of Interest Policy was adopted.  All members to complete the Register/form and return to PM at CVA.

7.       Election of Interim Steering Group & Named Officers


MF asked people to nominate themselves for chair, vice chair, core steering group at the last meeting.


PM said 21 people have put themselves for the core steering group; he mentioned that there is a  strong cross section of local residents and community organisations and businesses representing the area. More engagement to be done in coming months.


People were also invited to come forward and support the Interim Steering Group in driving the process to the end of March when there will be formal elections. 3 colleagues have come forward to take the responsibility. They spoke about themselves and interest in the role.  Ballots were distributed and counted.


Meeting agreed that the following would take the interim roles:


Chair – Lai Abdalla


Vice Chairs - Saera Haque & Malcom Bell


Formation of the Core Steering Group will take place at a later date; possibly splitting into Theme Groups.


Action: List of group to be forwarded to members


8.       Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding, which forms the agreement between the Partnership and Local Trust, was distributed for members to review and adopt.

Once signed, this will be submitted to Local Trust to officially endorse the Partnership, a key first step in the process.

Agreed: Memorandum of Understanding was adopted.

9.       Criteria for Voting/non-voting Member & skills Needed 

MF distributed a document on the different kinds of groups/representatives who have put themselves forward or are commonly represented in Big Local partnerships/have vested interest in Big Local areas.

The groups discussed the pros and cons of having different groups representing Broad Green in different capacities. Decisions will have to be made over the next four months as to who the membership should include and who will get a vote.

MF summarised that we need to define interest in the area and what kind of difference a member can made where they are an individual or an organisation.

MF stated that, all residents will get a vote. He told the group that it was up to them whether they  wanted others to have a voting role and advisory role or not be on the partnership board at all.

Discussion was held in groups and as a whole on criteria and categories.  More discussion and decisions to be taken at the next meeting.


10.   Next Steps & date of Next meeting

 Thursday 12 November 2015, 6pm