ASB Awareness Week

Our local Safer Neighbourhoods Team took part in Antisocial Behaviour Awareness Week and have provided some useful resources.

Angela Dennis, our local Safer Neighbourhoods Police Officer said

“Everyone deserves to feel safe where they live and anti-social behaviour is taken very seriously. ASB has a huge impact on the lives of people and the community.  Addressing ASB is challenging, what works for one situation does not mean that it will work for every situation, thereby working with our partners we can ensure we have a range of intervention that enables us to work effectively.

Everyone has a part to play and we need residents and the wider community who work or visit Broad Green ward to work with us about what is affecting them and to give us information.”

Factsheets are available covering Noise Pollution, Neighbourhood Watch, Clean Streets, Street Champions, Streetlink and the work of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

Download the Factsheets here: Broad_Green_Ward_-_#ASBAwareness_Week

The contact details for Broad Green Safer Neighbourhood Team is as follows:-
Tel 020 8721 2712
Email: –
Web Site: –