The Long Lost Year

Art work created by our Friday Fun Disability Group, which takes place at the Broad Green Hub on the first Friday of the month at were displayed as part of an exhibition in Nottingham as part of ‘Big Local Connects’, a nationwide celebratory summit of Big Locals from up and down the country.

The Long Lost Year is a result of Local Trust teaming up with The Loss Project and RIOT SOUP to offer different spaces for residents in Big Local areas to reflect, honour and share their own stories of loss, to experience how creativity can help us process our experiences, as well as opportunities to grow confidence in conversations about loss and grief.

“When you lose touch with people – that’s what these pictures are about.  When people are all out of sync.  This project has brought me back into my love of art.”

Johnathan Bell, Big Local Broad Green


“Since this coronavirus it’s brough out a lot of my creative side which I didn’t know I had.  You’re sitting around and just start creating things.

That’s how I deal with loss.  Painting and listening to music, it’s a way of grieving and there are groups but this is another outlet.  The way I look at life… it’s what suits me.”

Sedley Wilson, Big Local Broad Green

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