Our Team

Our Team is a partnership made up of:

  • Staff  - paid workers, employed to help deliver the plan laid out by the steering group, and empower the steering group to lead
  • Steering Group - volunteers who live, work or study in the area take the lead in directing and deciding on our plan
  • Locally Trusted Organisation -responsible for holding our money, helping us to manage our finances and offering expertise and experience, without giving direction.  They are the employers of our staff.
  • Local Trust Representative - our funders who offer guidance and support to the partnership


Catrina Lynch
Project Coordinator
BLBG Email
Lauren Ashley-Boyall
Project Support Worker
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Richard Tait
Hub Officer
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Steering Group

Queenie Chizea
Co-Chair, Lives in Broad Green
Magdalena Matuszewska
Co-Chair, Lives in Broad Green
Bushra Ahmed
Co-Chair, Business Owner in Broad Green
Deborah Dokubo
Works in Broad Green
Avril Lewis
Lives In Broad Green
Jonathan Bell
Lives in Broad Green
Lishan Dyer
Lives in Broad Green
Mehrunnisa Tariq
Lives in Broad Green
Emma Gedeon
Lives in Broad Green
Emmanuel Jatto
Works in Broad Green

Locally Trusted Organisation

Ima Miah
CEO of Asian Resource Centre Croydon