Freedom Together

Due to the many complex factors, around Domestic Abuse, ‘Freedom Together CIC’ find the most challenging part is getting women to engage with the service and getting them to feel safe enough to walk through the doors. This client group can often have multifaceted issues regarding their home life, family, safety and wellbeing within their communities.

Freedom Together accepts high numbers of referrals for each group with the awareness that attendance can be less than a third. The women that do manage to find the courage to join the course often talk of the extreme anxiety and fear they face coming to a women’s group. This is due to the nature of the course which specifically covers the issues women suffer such as domestic abuse andsexual violence.

This course was specifically tailored to meet the needs of BAME ladies. To ensure their safety within their own
communities the posters that promoted the group were sensitive in its wording and encouraged women from across the BAME community to be involved in change, they were encouraged to sign up if they had experienced challenging relationships.
30 women were offered places on the course