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Kikiwa Counselling is a Charitable Organisation was established in 2000 helping people with various issues and needs.  Kikiwa Counselling has worked extensively with people from BME (Black Minority Ethnic) Communities especially those from War-torn African countries, unaccompanied minors and those arriving as such but now leaving care.  They have helped refugees settle in United Kingdom and have helped them integrate by offering Counselling, Training in various courses and supporting them in accessing their benefits and other livelihood needs. 

At the core of their services is Counselling as it changes lives. Not just the lives of individuals but of families and communities.  Their work reflects their passion for the value of counselling and its potential to improve people’s lives. 

With their wealth of personal experience and training in counselling they offer various styles and techniques of therapy to enable their approaches to be tailored to individual needs. 

Kikiwa applied for and were awarded a small grant from Big Local Broad Green in October 2020 to deliver a young mothers (15-21 year olds) crochet and knitting group, where women and girls could find a safe space to learn new and transferable life skills, a craft that can help to generate income, build confidence and create and maintain a social circle as well as be guided on health and wellbeing. The project was for 15 girls, all of them from the Broad Green and Thornton Heath area. 

Despite the Covid Pandemic putting the support group on hold for several months, by the Summer of 2021 the group was in full swing. 

“I have learnt how to make a cardigan and have made one for my son.  I have now started to make booties and hat.  I am very happy and grateful to BGLG for helping us to acquire a skill” 


“I have been learning how to crotchet and have made a few patches as my idea is to make a blanket for my baby.  This is a very useful and important hobby to me.  Once I finish my blanket I will crotchet a top for me.  Thank you very much for your support.” 


“I have started doing crocheting and plan to join with Anita so that we can complete a blanket for her baby and then complete one for my son. We are very thankful to BGLG and KIKIWA.  We shall do a lot with the skills we are gaining”. 


Watch this short video where Elizabeth, founder of Kikiwa, explains how this group “learn to hussle”; gain practical skills towards developing financial independence as well as expressing themselves creatively.